Sometimes good ideas occur at odd times. For example, I get through my writer’s block while at the restroom. Similar discovery takes place inside a crowded bus, at the barber’s or while picking up vegetable at a vendor’s. The restroom-creation is generally well-timed with the natural releases and mostly comes forth in writing as I happened to be at home. The bus-, barber-, and vegetable-time thoughts are likely to go into oblivion. Later, I just have a tendency to remember that I had forgotten  an important idea. Unrecorded, it only gives me pressure but never comes back.

I conceived an article a few nights ago. It was at the end of one of my late-night stays with rhetoric and editorials, and probably at the afterthought of an interesting treatise. I went to bed ruminating how interesting the would-be article would be if I could manage to write it up. I got up to begin a new day and to ache myself with new agendas. The interesting article disappeared. I have not been able to recall it. I have been trying to relive the late night, the restroom, entry to the bedroom, thoughts before the slumber, the article preceding it, people who could possibly have featured in my reflections…. No, it does not help.

There could be better issues to delve into, but I am worried about that article. I take it as a kind of miscarriage. It has prevented further conception. I need more nutrition to have a healthier beginning. So, the post-festival mentality brings me amidst new books and numerous readings. I put aside the close-to-finish Ph. D. proposal and grasp these books — found online! But will the lost article come back some day through these new readings?

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By hkafle

I am a University teacher, with passion for literature and music.

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