Chairperson, Dignitaries, Guests, Colleagues and Students.

Good Afternoon

I have stood on this stage many times appearing to take care of almost everything that took place inside and around this hall. I must have been a very common face, probably an unwelcome one at times. My responsibility was not to entertain but to provide and maintain a forum for entertainment. It was as much to admonish as to encourage. Besides, this was the space rather for creative individuals than preachers. But the pleasure and pain of the busy time have gradually subsided; a sense of strange fear of being detached from so many good people seems to prevail. At the approach of silence, I realize how much I had fallen in love with the commotion of the last five days. I have fallen in love with everything that signifies SAUFEST – my cap, my badge, my bag, the happy faces in front of me, and the hardworking volunteers.

I have been lucky to be a part of this Festival. First I was a participant, now an organizer. With experience of two events, I would say that this is not the platform for doing great things as some of our enthusiastic young friends would want it to be. I would say that it is the initiation for big things that possibly take shape in the long run as we continue to learn to treat one another as human beings rather than nationals and professionals. As human beings we share a lot of common traits that keep us together. As nationals we see certain differences surfacing. Every year SAUFEST leaves a seed of friendship with a hope that it will grow one day. We did it in Jammu, and in Mumbai. We have done it in Dhulikhel. The deed will continue. SAUFEST is only a three years young sapling. Let us not complain that it has not yielded any fruit!

I am personally very proud to have become a part of SAUFEST. It was truly not easy for us to plan and get things materialized amid these politically and socially hard times. The actual pleasure of working was in its being the first of its type in Nepal. It was therefore a matter of pride for KU family and the community around. I would further add a confession that we had never worked so closely before. The Festival was an opportunity to know the unknown and ourselves. For the first time teachers, students and administrative heads of the university have worked as a single team. I would particularly like to acknowledge the contribution of all my students who worked tirelessly as volunteers and participants for more than the Festival days.

I would like to extend thanks to AIU for initiating the trend.

I am going to cherish these wonderful days for life.

[11 February 2008, Closing Ceremony of SAUFEST-III, KU]

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