With “The Parrot in a Cage” Paudyal makes an effort to disclose the evils of human nature and suggests the need to bring change in the way we treat other living beings. Important to note, a bird is an important mouthpiece of Paudyal, and with it he attacks the inhuman in humans, and warns them of a fateful future. In his later work Tarun Tapasi (1953), he does more than just point out human cruelty upon an animal:

The more do the great, smart and crafty humans

Wreak sorrow upon weak and humble beings,

The more will, upon them, as nature’s sure rule

Fall bitter fruits of hate, insult and killings.  (33;  ch.  6, st.  5)

[Kafle, Hem Raj. “Alternative Readings on Paudyal’s ‘The Parrot in a Cage’.” Vidya. Tamghas:
Resunga Multiple Campus, 2008. 49-51. ]


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