1. ‘I’ll be right, the world will be right’ — yesterday.

2. ‘I’m always right, but the world is wrong’ — today.

3. ‘I could be right, but the world was wrong’ — tomorrow.

4.  ‘They’re just stupid.’ — about (grand) parents.

3. ‘Why do the idiots want me to do things?!’ — about mentors.


1. ‘I’m much older than you’ —  in front of the peers.

2. ‘I’m much younger than you’ — in front of the young.

3. ‘What did you do at all?’ — to the old.

4. ‘What have you seen yet?’ — to the young.

5. ‘I’m neither stupid nor ignorant’ — to the world.


1. ‘I am young enough (or too old) to taste the fruit.’

2. ‘I am too old (or young enough) to sow the seeds.’

3. ‘Gone are the days,’ when times are bad.

4. ‘I’m still young,’ when times are good.

5. ‘The young are ignorant, the middle-aged stupid.’

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By hkafle

I am a University teacher, with passion for literature and music.

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