Facebook counts. It inspires me to write. I carefully adore it though many people take it as a ‘cheap’ platform. The following (unedited) messages speak something.

March 14    at 5:25pm


it is quite surprising and at the same time feel happy to see you after such a long time period. It was almost out of my memory that i got long back education from you. Dear sir i could see that now you are an assistant prof. in kathmandu university.congratulation! i still remember the school days when we used to do english grammer that you give us as classwork or homework. They were quite hard to solve and we learned a lot from you and all that inspiration has guided us to be a responsible person in life. I am very greatful to you for all of this and wish you good luck in future.
hope to meet you next time.

keep in touch.

Hem Raj Kafle March 14 at 9:06pm

Dear pawan.

Thanks for writing. Quite long since we last met, but I haven’t forgotten you. Thirteen long years!!

This morning, it occurred to me that I could track some of you in facebook. The first face that came to my mind was Anjan because I had seen him in Banepa some seven years back. I found him in facebook in elegant kurta-pyjama. I was first confused if it could be that tall, lanky fellow of those days. I clicked his friends list and found you, Indra, Niranjan, Bimala and Devratna and confirmed that it was he — and you all as well. You and Devratna have not changed much, others have.

I came to KU straight from Bagh Bhairab after completing my Masters. It is almost a decade now. I’m doing my Ph D from KU itself. Have two beautiful boys — one nine, another one and half. A relaxed, peaceful life because I chose not to take greater challenges elsewhere.

How glad I am to get you back here. Yes, those were very challenging times for me because I had landed in B.B. when it was in the course of decline, and when students had begun to lose faith on it. You know some kids were just impossible — irrational, irresponsible and eccentric. But I learned to grow with them; it was tough to be trusted — forget being respected.

We formed a dedicated group and restored the school’s image to some extent. But the old team is gone. The Karkis and Pandes, of course, still languish there. I happened to reach there last month, just to find Saurav, his wife and Durga Laxmi. Bagh Bhairab exists, at least.

Don’t mind the length. These few lines cannot compensate the thirteen years, can they? How are your parents, and brothers?

Will be in touch.


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